Coaching For Digestive Support & Mental Health

Tailored Support In:

✓ Personalised Nutrition

✓ Exercise Planning & Execution

✓ Mindset & Stress Management 

I Want To Work On:

Digestive Health

Mental Health


Having Rory as a health coach has been one of the best decisions of my life. The personal and tailored sessions enabled me to reach goals that I thought were unobtainable at the beginning. This 6 month programme has helped me to reduce IBS symptoms, improve my mood and outlook on life, lose weight and make healthier choices that are best for me. The sessions were varied to meet my needs at the time and easy to fit in around everyday life. Also the online support outside of sessions allowed me to ask any questions which undoubtedly helped me reach my personal goals. Most importantly it was great to have someone who understood my issues unlike other professionals I had used before.
Thank you for all of your help and making this journey so incredible. It has truly been life changing!

Emilia PattersonStudent

An amazing character with great expertise in diet, nutrition and fitness. Rory has guided me to find a cure for my crohns disease through diet! His knowledge and wisdom are hard to come by and would recommend to anyone who wants to make a healthier and happier life for themselves!!

Brad Collins
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