Optimising Your Digestion
Can Change Your Life

Does it feel like something is holding you back? Is it difficult to think, feel and act in a way which supports a confident, energetic and ambitious you?

I feel you.

I grew tired of the anxiety, depressive spells, the irritability, fatigue, digestive distress, the hopelessness. Something had to change. I was fed up of settling for a mediocre existence. 

Thats when I started to change the way I lived. I established what areas of my life needed some love. I started to live in a way which harmonised my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.




Everything Can Change When You Start To

Your choices day in, day out, make up the lives you have lived, are living, and will go on to live. What you choose to do each day isn’t totally up to your logical self though.

We all have those little voices. They devalue who you are, and undermine the choices you know you should be making to enable your most awesome self to shine through.

Sometimes we fight a battle against ourselves.

The resistance can be felt – that sluggish feeling in the morning; the fog envelopes your mind, the weight of cement shoes seem like they weigh down your body. Energy where art thou?

Mealtimes are a minefield, what food will be the tripwire today? What happens if you get caught out when you’re not home? This is all very confusing, you want to be thinking about the positives throughout the day, not the discomfort and embarrassment of backwards bowels. 

Facing the world is a chore because Joy isn’t on the agenda.

What scenario will you feel anxious about today? Surely theres a brighter way to see things, but you just cant get your head around it. The endless circles, the heaviness, the confusion, the blues – somethings gotta change, but what?

Shift Your Health Through Personal Growth.

Foster Habits That Produce Less Symptoms.

Get Out Of Your Own Way. Evoke Your Awesome self.

Tune Into Your Mind ~ Body. Listen To Your Symptoms.

Harmonise Your Lifestyle

Become Your Greatest Ally

Your life is unique – it is yours only. You are most aware of your health and happiness. So why do you still feel lost?

It all starts with a deeper understanding of how you are wired.

Your interaction with the world is run by how you think, how you feel in response and how you act as a result. Day in day out, this interaction shapes your health and happiness.

When you start to shake things up, this can all change. 

As a health coach, I facilitate the understanding of your wiring, offering you a clearer interpretation of how YOU can make the changes that produce your most awesome self.

What we create together

Clear Motivation | SMART Goals | An Actionable Path Forwards | Supportive Habits | A Growth Mindset

Start Really LIVING!

Transform Your Health

Having Rory as a health coach has been one of the best decisions of my life. The personal and tailored sessions enabled me to reach goals that I thought were unobtainable at the beginning. This 6 month programme has helped me to reduce IBS symptoms, improve my mood and outlook on life, lose weight and make healthier choices that are best for me. The sessions were varied to meet my needs at the time and easy to fit in around everyday life. Also the online support outside of sessions allowed me to ask any questions which undoubtedly helped me reach my personal goals. Most importantly it was great to have someone who understood my issues unlike other professionals I had used before.
Thank you for all of your help and making this journey so incredible. It has truly been life changing!

Emilia PattersonStudent

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