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Don't choose your diet. Let your diet choose you.

Don’t choose your diet. Let your diet choose you.

Instead of trying another tried and tested diet this month why not tailor make a diet for yourself. If you have gone through the motions attempting what others claim has been a success for them, yet not for you then just remember this:

We are all human beings, we are built to run on the same fuel, essentially. What in fact makes us very different are:

1) lifestyle factors – job, activity level and

2) genetic factors – metabolic rate…..

Because of inter individual variances in factors such as these, it means that we all cannot eat the same foods and yield the same results.

Your Biochemical Make-up Is Unique

Some people can consume dairy without digestive upset, some people are able to consume high amounts of carbohydrate and not store as much as fat. This is one of the reasons why it is difficult to choose a diet based on what others tell you has worked for them. It would be ideal if this was the case, but like shoes – one size does not fit all.

An ideal diet is likely to be the most successful if it is bespoke to yourself, your level of activity and response to certain foods. The key here is learning to read and understand your own body.

The emphasis with diets today is mainly geared towards weight loss with feelings of health coming in second. Diets usually isolate a specific nutritional element of foods such as fat, carbs or protein and promote either the abundance or scarcity of at least one of the elements.

Can you achieve results (weight loss) from doing this? Yes, you can. However is it the best way of achieving your goals? Most likely no. By isolating elements it is possible yet extremely difficult to stick to these forms of nutritional manipulation.

Weight may have been lost by cutting fat to a large degree, but are you thriving with energy? Are you experiencing the many other benefits associated with leading a ‘healthy’ lifestyle? Most likely not. Fat is very crucial to the optimal function of the body within healthy parameters. The same goes for a balance of proteins and carbohydrates!

Some of our biological and lifestyle factors may allow for less carbohydrate with fat accounting for the deficit, but the same does not go for all. Just as well. Balancing out one macronutrient in place of another may yield results, but is it healthy? Is it sustainable? Maybe not.

Find Your Best Fit

The solution – strike a balance of macronutrients. Seems simple because it is. When it comes to eating nutrient rich, natural foods, balance is easier to achieve. For example, in a breakfast scenario a slice of bread vs granola:

Bread – mainly carbohydrate, little micronutrients, negligible protein. The scales are tipped in favour of carbohydrate.

Granola – carbohydrate, balance of saturated and unsaturated fats, protein, fibre. Micronutrients and macros are more balanced.

The best thing about eating a full spread of natural produce is you don’t have to think about what to eat as much. Macronutrients lay in healthy proportions to one another. It is difficult to consume too much macronutrient from most natural foods.

There are certainly exceptions such as potatoes containing high amounts of starchy carbohydrate and nuts and avocados containing higher amounts of fats. These can be eaten in moderation. If a diet rich in natural foods is adopted, the results will not only yield a healthy weight but also the benefits associated with an abundance of micronutrients.

No more counting calories, no more deprivation of macronutrients. Calorically you are provided with a sufficient amount and balance of nutrients when whole foods are consumed.

Learning to give your body what it needs is not an overnight practice. It takes patience and persistence. Observing how your body reacts to certain foods is important in selecting the right foods for your lifestyle, generating an ongoing source of energy and well being.

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