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Getting Closer To Where You Want To Be

Getting Closer To Where You Want To Be

Live in alignment with your values

Do your everyday choices reflect where you want to be? Are they in alignment with the the version of yourself that you want to become?

Ive often heard that in order to be that great person you know you are, you must start living as such, now.

You could start by breaking it down simply to the choices you make each day. The actions you take towards an aspiration.

Maybe you wish to become an athlete. An academic maybe? You may just want to get a little fitter, eat a little healthier, quit sugar, cigarettes, alcohol or a personal vice of yours.

Sounds simple right? Make decisions that reflect where you want to be.

If it were that easy, it probably wouldnt be worth doing. The fact is that our habits and our longstanding rhetorics interfere with the actions we take towards our aspirations, each and everyday.

BUT, you can in fact force action.

If you begin to consistently show up in a way that slowly brings you closer to an aspiration; you start to repeat an action that is aligning you with where you want to be.

Your rhetoric slowly starts to change.

If your habits aren’t conducive to the actions you want to be taking; say you smoke a cigarette every few days even though you are training as an athlete.

This isn’t only slowly sabotaging your ability to harness and transport oxygen, but more importantly it is undermining your values. Those of health, integrity, achievement, discipline, self-respect, self-control and strength. But, when you finally ash that cig, your actions now compliment the idea of the self which you aspire to be. You are living as they would right now. At least in terms of not smoking.

This is powerful stuff that can be illustrated by the phenomena of interference.

A great example of this phenomenon can be seen when you drop a pebble in the water, it creates ripples. Drop another pebble at the same time as the first and you see the same wave formation in the water.

When you drop these at the same time, the waves synchronise and converge to produce one larger wave with a greater amplitude. This wave can carry up to 4 times as much intensity as one of the wave sources from which it converged.

Thats constructive interference

Align actions with values

In the opposite manner, two waves out of synchronisation can cancel each other out.

Thats destructive interference

Live in harmony with yourself

When we engage in actions that do not align with our values, the outcome is often destructive to our idea of self.

Everyone has different values. Some of us will be able to do things in moderation without them destructively interfering with our values. What is important is that YOU live in a way which supports your values as an individual.

When your actions match your values, you start to live in harmony with yourself. A ubiquitously common value is that of good health. Its hard to imagine that you wouldnt want to be healthy. Most of us do, but the doing part often falls by the wayside.

Matching your actions with your values brings resonance. It brings harmony to the way you live.

The energy that so many charismatic, inspirational people project is in part down to the harmony they live with themselves.

Although we may think we can sometimes fool ourselves, a part of us is aware that we may be living out of alignment with who we really are.

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