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Shifting The Focus

Shifting the focus

When it comes to dieting, most often the focus is to lose weight, likely in a short or unrealistic period of time. It is incredible how when we are forced to, we will stick to a healthy lifestyle. I’m referring to the those who are left no option but to change their dietary habits for medical reasons.

If we were to adopt a diet to simply increase quality of life and wellbeing, improving our health not out of obligation but because we want to. Weight loss occurs as a bonus, not to mention a wide array of other benefits.

Shift The Goal

Using goals that are quantifiable can be rather problematic. Living your life by the scales can be enslaving, constantly pushing for that magic number that may never come around. Yes it can be very satisfying to smash a weight loss goal based on weight alone, but there is more to it than that.

Subtly observing qualitative aspects of your wellbeing can be more useful. As a result of a couple of weeks of healthy diet and exercise you feel great! Once cravings for past foods are excised, a more positive outlook, higher self esteem and a host of other benefits appear. 

It is then that the weight isn’t the sole focus, a set of shackles in which you previously were bound to. It is about how you feel not so much how you look. If you want to strive for both then go for it, but feeling alive and energetic cannot be quantified by a set of scales.

So when goal setting, ask yourself what you are really looking for. At the end of the day loosing some weight is going to make you feel better about yourself. Why not just set that as the goal to start with and remove the scales, the measurement and judgement.

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