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How to get to sleep faster

How to get to sleep faster

I think by now its well known how important sleep is. Its up there with breathing and drinking water – the fundamentals. A few nights without has noticeable effects on your quality of life. Knock on effects range from digestion to concentration, it is the regenerative slumber that keeps everything in check.

8 Hours is the dream. Thats what most should be gunning for. Some people can handle less, some need more but essentially the ocho is the goal. Actually getting 8 hours of sleep, however might be a different story. Wanting to cram everything in before the day is out, milking the final parts of enjoyment out of the evening after having worked all day. Its natural to forego a little sleep before getting back into the rat race the next morning.

So what can you do to ensure you still get enough sleep without having to relinquish free time to go to bed earlier? For some people sleep doesn’t come that easy, especially the night dwellers. Once your head hits the pillow it should be lights out. At times you may find yourself spinning ideas round in your head, still plugged in, too wired to sleep. You can go to bed at a reasonable hour sometimes and end up lying there wide awake. I always think “well hell, what was the point in even going to bed early if I will still feel tired in the morning anyway”. Enjoy your free time without having to sacrifice sleep by getting to sleep faster!

Train your mind to get to sleep faster

Sometimes the logical part of the brain simply wont switch off. From overstimulation during the day time, the left side of the brain is still humming away. When works done and you want to fit all your hobbies, interests and enjoyments in, this can keep that part of the brain fired up. When it comes to lights out, there is no more stimulation, just a furiously whirring hemisphere of the brain that is like a dog chasing its own tail. So how do you tell the logical mind to shut up so you can get some shut eye?

Well, most people know about the counting sheep trick, its one of the oldest tricks in the book. By picturing sheep you are engaging your imagination, taking the focus away from the logical minds chatter. Using the imagination almost mimics the dream state and facilitates the transition to sleep. Counting sheep, though is pretty boring. Some of you may do enough counting during the day as it is. We’ll leave the sheep to their grazing and take the method by which this operates – the imagination.

Instead of thinking, try imagining. Imagine anything that isn’t real, the further away from reality it is, the better. Picture anything obscure or abstract. Phenomenon that simply could not exist in the real world. Pigs can fly, at least in your imagination. Take a pig out for a spin around the cosmos and picture yourself doing it. Thats just an example, you can picture literally anything.

At first it might take a little conscious effort to start the visualisation but after a short while the imagery becomes prolific and you find it happening automatically. The transition from awakedness to sleep is pleasantly bridged by images of obscurity and entertainment, facilitating the journey to dream town.

Save time by getting to sleep faster so you can get your 8 hours.

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